Nconstitucion de venezuela pdf

Venezuela bolivarian republic ofs constitution of 1999. Relations congressional research service 1 introduction venezuela, long one of the most prosperous countries in south america with the worlds largest. The republic of venezuela is a federal state, within the terms affirmed by this constitution. The report democracy and human rights in venezuela is produced in compliance with the mandate of the inter.

American commission on human rights hereinafter the inter. Constitution of the bolivarian republic of venezuela in english. Venezuela constitutes itself as a democratic and social state of law and justice. American commission, the commission, or the iachr to promote the observance and defense.

Justice, which holds as superior values of its legal order and actions those of. Information on meetings and developments in the framework of the remjas and the working group on legal cooperation on criminal matters. Adopted in december 1999, it replaced the 1961 constitution, the longestserving in venezuelan history. Venezuela bolivarian republic of s constitution of 1999 with amendments through 2009. A glossary of legal terms commonly used in connection with mutual assistance in criminal matters and extradition in the oas member states. The republic of venezuela is forever and irrevocably free and independent from any domination or protection by a foreign power. It was drafted in mid1999 by a constituent assembly that had been created by popular referendum. Urdaneta, edificio norte, pisos 4 y 5, al lado del ivss. The government of the republic of venezuela is and always shall be democratic.

Titulo i articulo 1 articulo 2 articulo 3 articulo 4 articulo 5 articulo 6 articulo 7 articulo 8. The constitution of the bolivarian republic of venezuela spanish. Este territorio no podra, en todo ni en parte, ser jamas cedido, traspasado, arrendado ni en forma. Venezuela constitutes itself as a democratic and social state of law and.

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