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Pdf extending the contextual and organizational elements. Pdf adaptive structuration theory view of post implementation. Adaptive structuration theory ast offers an explanation for the use and effects of technologies in organizations. Desanctis and poole adapted giddens theory to study the interaction of groups and organizations with information technology, and called it adaptive structuration theory. Pdf giddens, structuration theory and strategy as practice.

Theoretically, sts focus is on understanding human agency and social institutions, i. This website and its content is subject to our terms and conditions. Of course, giddens is a practice theor ist himself. Extending the contextual and organizational elements of adaptive structuration theory in gss research article pdf available in journal of the association for information systems 910 october. Adaptive structuration theory adaptive structuration theory ast is one of the top three theories of group communication. Imagine that you are a thirdyear communication major who. But, in fresh action, he also reproduces his existing structure. Adaptive structuration scott poole this theory last appeared in the 7th edition. We propose adaptive structuration theory ast as a viable approach for. Articles citing these papers either on their own, or in. After completing his study of 19th century sociological theory, giddens developed his own theory of structuration sometime in 1980s. We develop a theoretical perspective of adaptation behaviors by extending the adaptive structuration theory ast to the level of individuals, and present a. Capturing the complexity in advanced technology use.

Adaptive structuration theory wiley online library. Adaptive structuration theory university of kentucky. This theory is formulated as the production and reproduction of the social systems through members use of rules and resources in interaction. Social structure is also only ever the outcomes of practices which have previously happened, and it makes practices possible the duality of structure, and it is not separate from action. The following document is an archived chapter with end notes. Structure is both the medium and outcome of action. Scott poole, it takes a critical look at the linear models of communication. It was inspired by anthony giddens concept of structuration. Adaptive structuration theory a first look at communication theory. Danielle babb, phd how advancing technologies drive organizational change 2 abstract adaptive structuration theory ast is relevant to. Adaptive structuration theory ast was developed by poole and desanctis. Giddens structuration theory a summary revisesociology. High modernity, structuration and giddens teaching resources.

Tes global ltd is registered in england company no 02017289 with its registered office. Pdf organizations invest substantial resources in enterprise systems es expecting positive outcomes for the organization and its functions. Pdf capturing the complexity in advanced technology use. Scott poole based on the work of giddens, robert mcphee, and david seibold. To introduce his theory, he says that the actions of an actor are taken in the continuity with past. Adaptive structuration theory rains major reference works.

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