Barry and iris kiss season 2

I do not own any of these clips i put up on youtube i am not doing this for monetary. Barry star, executive producer, writer, and director bill hader has been kind enough to speak with collider at length about each individual episode of barry season 2 for the past eight weeks, and. This is m rated so there will be a lot of sex scenes going on this story. Barry and iris 3x04 all scenes part 2 i really wanna kiss you right now. I wasnt immediately sold on this pairing but i am now enjoying the innocent evolution of their. Candice patton explains how barry allens recent incursion to earth 2 will have a major impact on the nature. The season follows barry, a crime scene investigator with superhuman speed who fights criminals, including others who have also gained superhuman abilities. According to destiny, the flashs barry allen and iris west end up married one day. Im not hungry right now anyway, barry sweetly says, taking the opportunity to plant kisses all over iris neck. Black couple art barry iris the flash season 3 o flash candice patton the flash grant gustin iris west snowbarry star photography. This story is based off for the tv show, the flash during season 2. The flash will change things up in a big way in season 3 with the flashpoint alternate timeline, but one thing will remain the same amidst the disturbance. All barry and iris kisses 1x15 3x23 westallen youtube. Shippers got their wish when the pair locked lips in season 1, but.

Photos we just know that grant gustin barry allen the flash and candice patton iris west were pictured embrace each other and kissing while the whole cast were wearing black clothing in a cemetery. Barry and iris 3x04 all scenes part 2i really wanna kiss. Speaking of going back and forth, iris and barry confessed their feelings for each other, culminating in a kiss, right before he unveiled himself as the flash to her. The flash 2x23 barry and iris kiss season 2 ending. The flash season 3 is the season of barry and iris tv guide. P that, i think, is going to be the trend for season 2. Barry and iris cant stop making out in this season 4. The sixth season of the american television series the flash, which is based on the dc comics character barry allen flash, premiered on the cw on october 8, 2019, and will consist of 19 episodes. Martin and iris candice patton in the flash season 3 premiere but theres a very bright light at the end of the tunnel. Barry and iris cant stop making out in this season 4 deleted scene exclusive by philiana ng. The flash 2x20 iris confesses her feelings for barry. Season 5 kisses are a disappointment theyre married for christ sake.

Barry season 2 finale ending explained by bill hader. Last week, vancouvers yaletown district was turned into central city to film a date with barry and iris grant gustin and candice patton for the flash season 3 episode 3. Barry tells iris hes in love with her 1x09 scene by west allen. The ray was originally confirmed by marc guggenheim in an interview to be a that earths barry allen.

On the flash season 3 episode 2, barry realized the effects fromo flashpoint are far greater than he imagined. Christina speaks with candice patton about her role of iris west in the flash season 2, the return of king shark, wally west, and the happenings on earth2. Barry allen and iris west have been friends since childhood. The flash 2x23 barry and iris kiss season 2 ending youtube. Barry and iris kissing scene the flash 2x23 with subtitles. The flash season 4 team flash finds barry but he is all screwed up the cw duration. I would kiss him every second of every day for all the days. For a brief moment in the cws the flash season 1, fans got to see barry allen grant gustin and iris west candice patton confess their love for each other and share a long awaited kiss. I am surprised they are going for the kiss season 1.

The flash grant gustin will be sharing a kiss with irish west candice patton in the upcoming episode of the superhero tv series. The flash 2x iris west from earth 2 kiss barry youtube. Barry and iris aka west allen filming the flash season 3. After barry and iris finally kissed in last weeks episode, it was only a matter of time before barry made his next move. Labs gang is also dealing with a fun, if forgettable, side plot about a reanimated girder coming after iris. Barry and iris have a conversation and share a kiss at the end of season 2. A little more thunder, a little more lightning by bioloominescence. Barry and iris share a tender kiss in emotional season 5 deleted scene exclusive by philiana ng. Barry allen grant gustin caused a major rift between joe jesse l. He also meets a new coworker, julian, and is surprised by his disdain for him. The flash iris and barry theflashedit westallenedit mine i couldnt resist mi familia the westallens my girl and her favourite controlling psychos one of my fave trios this show has so many great trios iris joe barry iris barry flash iris wally joe iris barry wally iris wally francine it happened in my dreams iris barry cisco iris cisco joe. For barry grant gustin and iris candice patton of the cws the flash, the will theywont they game continues in season 2. The flash season 2 finale was everything fans wanted.

Iris tells barry she cant stop thinking about him, and he kisses her before revealing himself as the flash. With the flash freshly infected by the monstrous bloodwork, iris and cisco battle to help barry take control of. So, after iris traveled into the musical world and literally saved his life with her kiss, barry decided to stop sleeping on ciscos couch and finally make things right. Barry allen of earth2 also played by gustin is a nonmetahuman who is a csi at the central city police department and a phd graduate, married to iris but despised by joe. Barry and iris 2x14 escape from earth 2 part 33 duration. Last night, filming of the flash season 2 finale with barry allen and iris west grant gustin and candice patton took place at the location they use for joe wests house in vancouvers westside.

As with all set photos, theres always a possibility that a. Barry and iris 2x welcome to earth 2 part 14 youtube. Caitlin sighed, and iris gave her one last smile, before turning and walking out into the hallway. Inquiring minds want to know what earth ii barry would have done in response to that kiss. Young justice cartoon choose not to use archive warnings, underage, major character death, graphic depictions of violence. After his mother nora was murdered and his father henry arrested, barry went to live with iris and her father, joe. Barry insisted that his father was innocent, and iris was the only one who believed him. For iris, it doesnt matter what she and barry were over there because we always find each other, she tells him just before they recreate their porch kiss from the season 2 finale. Westallen is the het ship between barry and iris from the flash fandom. The trip to earth2 reignites his feelings for iris. There on the porch of the wests home they both grew up in the two share a second, passionate kiss. Barry and iris enjoy married life in sweet season 4 deleted scene. Season 4 is a good time for them to make it all happen. Border bearded iris iris dragon kiss in the irises.

The two were reported to have shared a kiss on their set in. Barry and iris had other partners, relationships, trials, tribulations, so i think its time. I love how iris thinks that barry is barry2 because that is his normal behavior. Iris turns and goes back inside to the wests pizza. The flash season 2 finale with barry allen and iris west.

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