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In an electric traction system the driving force to pull a train is generated by the traction motors. Act of drawing or state of being drawn propulsion of vehicle is called tractions. Traction control system for an electric vehicle download pdf info publication number us7747363b1. In addition, their fundamental functional principles. The system which use electrical power for traction system i. Electric traction system requirements, terms, advantages. Rajput this book on utilisation of electrical power including electrical drives and electric traction has been written for students preparing for b.

In this section, the equations used to calculate the motion of the train are introduced. Electric traction system free download as powerpoint presentation. Traction is produced by friction between tire and road, which is a nonlinear function of wheel slip. All alternating current ac traction units draw alternating current from an overhead line. It is used in electric trains, tramcars, trolley buses and diesel electric vehicles etc. There may be two types of traction classifications on the basis of power supply. Traction system can be broadly classified as steam engine drive, internal combustion engine drive and.

Traction control is a technology designed to help your vehicle maintain traction, no matter how slippery the road surface. Introduction traction motor refers to an electric motor providing the primary rotational torque of a machine, usually for conversion into linear motion traction. Interference with communication lines running along the track b. Many installations seen today were first built more than 100 years ago, some when electric. Now a day, magnetic traction is also used for bullet trains. Each module of the converter consists of an active front end afe block and a dcdc converter block 5. Electric railways use either electric locomotives hauling passengers or freight in separate cars or electric multiple units passenger cars with their own motors. This chapter presents a general description of the elements that characterize a railway electric transportation systems. Us7747363b1 traction control system for an electric. Its a very important topic for various recruitment exams like state electricity board exams etc. In mechanical terms, it is defined as the adhesive friction between the wheel and the surface on which it moves between a car tire and road. Electric traction in comparison to other traction systems has the drawbacks of.

Ac voltage is converted into dc voltage by using a rectifier. Chapters on electrical drives and electric traction. Mitsubishi electric provides an integrated traction system that consists of traction motor, gear coupling and gear unit, based on the required performance and bogie interface. Pdf basic modeling for electric traction systems under. If the electric energy is use in this process is called electric traction. Mitsubishi electric handles the interface design of the traction system. Pdf power quality analysis in electric traction system with three.

The steam engine drive is the best example of a non electric traction system and it is the first locomotive system used before the invention of actual electric traction systems. Traction control of electric vehicles using slidingmode. The control objective is to operate vehicles such that a desired wheel slip ratio is. Which of the following is the disadvantage of electric traction over other systems of traction. It is designed to use the full current range from the ac mains as defined in sae j1772 for a maximum charge power of 18kw on 240 vac. Selection of traction system voltages railelectrica. Current status and apportunities 49 passenger traffic and 65. Hybrid traction systems of lithiumion batteries with fuel cells or diesel engines are the one of. Unless the traffic to be handled is heavy, electric traction becomes uneconomical. Pdf the objective of this paper is initially to present a basic modeling of the railway traction system. The final decade of the 20 th century and the first decade of the 21 st century were marked by the enormous rise in high speed due to the huge leaps forward in electric locomotive technology.

Energysaving technology for railway traction systems using. Electric traction free download as powerpoint presentation. Click to get global electric traction system market research sample pdf copy. Electric traction system 1 electric traction system presented by amit raj roll no. There are various systems of traction prevailing in our country such as steam engine drive, electric drive. Federal transit administration december 9, 2016 8 new insulators that can be removed for cleaning and then reinstalled. Traction system employed in locomotives can be electric or non electric. The electric traction system ppt briefly discusses the types, supply system, traction motors, braking system, advantages and disadvantages and recent trends. Jan 08, 2019 electric traction means using the electric power for traction system i. The mechanics involves conversion of overhead electrical powerdieselsteam power in rail horse power to haul a train encountering acceleration, train, grade, curve resistance and similarly braking. Basic modeling for electric traction systems under uncertainty conference paper pdf available october 2006 with 2,771 reads how we measure reads. The calcutta trams use 550v dc with an overhead line catenary. Relies on a pulley system drive sheave controlled by an electric motor to move the car using hoist ropes and counterweight electric motor is alternating.

Traction is defined as the act of drawing or pulling especially by a motive force drawing of carriage by horse constitute traction. Design of power supply system in dc electrified transit. The permissible range of voltages allowed for the standardised voltages is as stated in standards bs en 50163 and iec 60850. Traction power electrification system investigation report washington metropolitan area transit authority. Non electric traction system mechanical traction system. Electricity is typically generated in large and relatively efficient generating. Traction motors are used in electrically powered rail vehicles such as electric multiple units and electric locomotives requirements of an ideal traction system. Electric traction has many advantages as compared to other non electrical systems of traction including steam traction.

Due to rugged construction, less control complexity, higher power density, variable speed over a wide range and flexibility to select the rotor construction. Traction control is an important element in modern vehicles to enhance drive efficiency, safety, and stability. The drive which uses the electric power for moving forward, such type of drive is called an electric traction drive. Zytek have developed a high power, compact, electric drive package comprising. Ppt electric traction system powerpoint presentation. The afe block is essentially an hbridge that regulates the charging of link capacitors. The main requirement for this project is that the system must comply with the fsae rulebook to be eligible for the race. Direct current dc traction units use direct current drawn from a third rail, fourth rail, groundlevel power supply or an overhead line. A method and apparatus for optimizing the torque of the electric motor of an electric vehicle is provided, the torque adjustments taking into account wheel slip as well as other vehicular operating conditions. Abb is the expert for traction converters, motors, transformers, and complete traction chain solutions. Traction system for urban, suburban and main line transport developed over the period are at 750v dc, 1500v dc, 25kv ac, 2x25kv and 50kv ac. These are independent of the contact system used, so that, for example, 750v dc may be used with either third rail or overhead lines the latter normally by trams. Electric traction multiple choice questions mcq and. The detailed traction system can be described by dividing it into three sections such as three phase supply system, traction substation and locomotive system which is described as follows.

There are several different electrification systems in use throughout the world. Electric traction download ebook pdf, epub, tuebl, mobi. This book is a reproduction of that original, which has been scanned and cleaned by stateoftheart publishing tools. Bldc motor is the permanent magnet synchronous motor designed to have a trapezoidal back emf. Nov 30, 2015 a traction system that doesnt use electrical energy for the movement of vehicle at any stage is referred as nonelectric traction system. Ac traction motors, electrification systems, and railway signalling and control. Electric traction systems are various electrical systems that are used to drive railways. Multiple drive systems per vehicle can be supported due to the safety case and levels of torque integrity employed. There is a wide variety of electric traction systems around the world and these have been built according to the type of railway, its location and the technology available at the time of the installation. Pdf traction system for electric vehicles using a variable. Ppt electric traction system powerpoint presentation free.

Electric traction systems seminar report a traction system causes the propulsion of vehicle in which tractive or driving force is obtained from various devices such as diesel engine drives. A book for students, electrical and mechanical engineers, superintendents of motive power and others by edward parris burch, first published in 1911, is a rare manuscript, the original residing in one of the great libraries of the world. Electric traction completed course by nikhil nakka youtube. Electric traction system engineering seminar topics. Pdf basic modeling for electric traction systems under uncertainty. Heavy initial expenditure in laying out overhead electric supply system c. The rails, sometimes in conjunction with supplemental negative return cables, act as the return conductor to the negative terminal of the rectifiers. Electric traction means using the electric power for traction system i. The calcutta metro uses 750v dc traction with a thirdrailmechanism for delivering the electricity to the emus electricmultiple units.

Jul 31, 2014 the requirements of an ideal traction system are the locomotive should be selfcontained and able to run on any route braking should be such that minimum wear is caused on the brake shoes if possible the braking energy should be regenerated and returned to the supply. Traction systems for locomotives and high speed applications. Electric railways use either electric locomotives hauling passengers or freight in separate cars, electric multiple units passenger cars with their own motors or both. Review of application of energy storage devices in railway. Course is helpful for various competitive exams like engineering entrance, pgecet, psu recruitments, ecet, leet etc. In deep and trustful partnerships with vehicle builders, refurbishers, and rail operators, we supply stateoftheart traction systems. Interruption of traffic for hours owing to short time power failure d. At each traction substation, normally two single phase transformers are installed, one which is in service and the other is 100% stand by. Electric traction alternating current electric power. Which of the following is an advantage of electric traction over other methods of traction. Sep 29, 2009 this ppt helps to understand the concept of electric traction slideshare uses cookies to improve functionality and performance, and to provide you with relevant advertising. A railway electrification system supplies electric power to railway trains and trams without an onboard prime mover or local fuel supply. A traction system that doesnt use electrical energy for the movement of vehicle at any stage is referred as non electric traction system. The most vital factor against electric traction is the initial high cost of laying out overhead electric supply system.

As we all know, it is electric locomoti ves that are at the forefr ont of railway traction, while the diesel locomotive is kept for some very specific uses. Power electronics technologies for railway traction systems. System of electric traction mechanics of train movement. Power electronics technologies for railway traction systems 309 a maximum of 3. Power failure for few minutes can cause traffic dislocation for hours. Calcutta had an overhead 3kv dc system until the 60s. This is being achieved via a rising number of traction control and assist systems, some of which have been derived from the antilock brake system abs and which support the driver. Electric traction systems and their advantages electronics hub.

These trains use diesel generators for an electrical traction system. The track electrification refers to the type of source supply system that is used while powering the electric locomotive systems. If you continue browsing the site, you agree to the use of cookies on this website. Pdf electrification traction and signalling compatibility. Energysaving technology for railway traction systems using onboard storage batteries 3 company, hitachi started developing a series hybrid drive system in 2001 that combined a diesel engine and lithiumion batteries with the aim of reducing the fuel consumption and harmful exhaust emissions of. The electric traction system can be broadly divided into two groups.

Studies on a certain application of a supercapacitorbased storage system in a dmu in germany shows a significant improvement in energy consumption, u. The fig 5 represents the model of the proposed system. On ir, electric traction was first introduced on 3rd feb. By electric traction is meant locomotion in which the driving or tractive force is obtained from electric motors it is used in electric trains,tramcars,trolly buses and diesel electric vehicles etc. Electric traction has the distinct characteristics of attracting traffic by b routes and thus very slowly traction system starts getting overloaded. In this paper, a slidingmode control approach is used to design a robust traction controller. Traction power electrification system investigation wmata. It consists of nine chapters in all, covering the various topics systematically and exhaustively. Traction system which do not involve the use of electricity such as steam engine drive, ic engine drive etc. The tm4 bci20 is an innovative bidirectional charger inverter that functions as battery charger and inverter for use in a variety of electric and hybrid vehicle applications. These systems of tractions may be classified broadly into groups namely. Dipak meher 7th semester, 4064 electrical engineering under the guidance of. The traction motor is suitable for a range of vehicle applications, from medium size passenger cars to light duty commercial vehicles. A book for students, electrical and mechanical engineers, superintendents of motive power and others by edward parris burch, first published in 1911, is a rare manuscript, the original.

Traction transformation the incoming ac from the catenary passes through a filter inductor before entering the first converter module. For the step potential circuit, we have two feet in series, the contact resistance r1 is, therefore, equal to 6. Operational and safety considerations for light rail dc. Optimising power management strategies for railway traction. Electric traction is part of subject utilization of electrical energy. Pdf brushless dc motor design for electric traction. What is an electric locomotive systems and their types in. Electric traction railways electric motor components. Speed time, distance time and simplified speedtime curves, attractive effort for acceleration and propulsion, effective weight, train resistance, adhesive weight, specific energy output and consumption. By march 2008 electrification on ir had extended up to 18145 rkms.

Objectives the main objective of this project is to design a slippage detection and traction control system. Electric traction power the railway technical website. Traction system for electric vehicles using a variable frequency threephase induction motor driver with regenerative braking article pdf available january 2006 with 881 reads how we measure. Many traction systems have been developed over the period depending on dominant technologies at that time and traffic demand. In ohe, or overhead electrification systems, the supply of electricity is through an overhead system of suspended cables known as. Impacts of the traction vehicle equipped by threephase induction. Traction means drawing or pulling something over a surface. The converter circuit of the converterinverter system has a dual configuration for. Technically, it is a mechanical, hydraulic, or electric system that maintains or controls traction to any wheels driven by the engine. In an electrification system, the traction units are supplied via sliding contacts from a supply, referred to as the overhead line or co nductor rail. Traction systems all traction systems may be classified into two categories.

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