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Ssg rougle was on his sixth deployment when he was killed in action on 23 october 2007 during operation rock avalanche. Juan restrepo, the groups medic who was killed two months into the deployment. Share your condolences, send flowers, find funeral home information. Jungers time with the men of second platoon is also the subject of his recently released book war, by twelve, a division of the hachette book group. In october 2007, battle company was at the centre of a battalion. A platoon in afghanistan between 2007 and british photographer and filmmaker tim hetherington spent a total of five months eating, sleeping, and trying to stay aliv. Larry ismael rougle, staff sergeant, united states army. Junger and hetherington simply videotaped what they saw, without editorializing. They go into taliban controlled land, where they end up in close combat, whereby sergeant rougle is killed. Misha pemblebelkin, made famous by the documentary restrepo and the book war, has returned to kunar province in eastern afghanistan as a platoon sergeant with b. Army, will receive the medal of honor today in a ceremony in the east room of the white house. Unintended star of restrepo returns to afghanistan stripes. Giunta the sal giunta story giunta interviewed by the directors of restrepo. Salvatore augustine giunta is a former united states army soldier and the first living person.

Juan restrepo, a heroic combat medic who was killed in action on july 22, 2007. Restrepo at the restrepo outpost in afghanistans korengal valley. Restrepo men of battle company of the 173d airborne brigade recount the death of staff sgt. Larry rougle, who was killed when insurgents ambushed his squad in the korengal valley. Steiner, staff sergeant kevin rice, staff sergeant joshua mcdonough. Larry rougle and his scouts or on lieutenant piosa and his rear guard. Restrepo is a 2010 american documentary film about the afghanistan war, directed by. They named the outpost restrepo, after the medic who was killed. Muchliked medic juan restrepo, on a patrol near a village, is hit twice in. Restrepo directed by sebastian junger and tim hetherington. Restrepo is a film not just about the events of combat, but also about brotherhood, according to junger. Rougle was assigned to 2nd battalion, 503rd airborne infantry regiment, 173rd airborne brigade combat team, vicenza, italy. In one moment in afghanistan, heroism and heartbreak the.

Film details soldiers pain honolulu staradvertiser. She captured the entire scene, including the death of staff sgt. Several days into the operation, taliban fighters crept to within 10 feet of sergeant rougle, sergeant. Michael gabel, 30, was killed last week in a roadside blast in. Tribute ssg larry rougle ssg larry rougle 06 may 1982 23 october 2007. Reprinted with permission from twelve books hachette book group, new york, ny. The result jungers book war and the new documentary restrepo is an unflinching, and unflinchingly human, look at combat. Thank you for signing the guest book for staff sgt. Staff sergeant larry ismael rougles casket is unloaded from an airplane at million air terminal in salt lake city tuesday as an honor guard contingent from the patriot guard looks on. Sebastian junger on war and restrepo in afghanistan. Larry rougle, 25, is shot to death on a hill when militants. World heritage encyclopedia, the aggregation of the largest online encyclopedias available, and the most. Ssg rougle had deployed to iraq three times and was on his third deployment to afghanistan. Operation rock avalanche was a sixday, usled offensive from 1925 october 2007, with the.

But when another soldier, staff sergeant larry rougle, is killed, were as close to the action and to the emotions of his comrades as its possible to get without being there. Larry rougle, who is a recipient of the purple heart, is buried in arlington national cemetery. The filmmakers didnt interview soldiers or their superiors, nor question civilians, and they didnt add any information the soldiers themselves didnt have access to. He will be the first living solider to be awarded the medal since th. Michael gabel delivered a stirring eulogy for rougle, and resolved to continue fighting in honor of his friend. Ssg rougle s father didnt encourage him to join the army but was proud when he did. For his actions during the operation, staff sergeant salvatore giunta, who is not. Rougle, 25, of west jordan, utah, died october 23, 2007, in sawtalo sar mountain, kunar province, afghanistan. Miguel cortez and two other soldiers find rougle s body as they retake the hill, and cortez. Steiner, staff sergeant kevin rice, staff sergeant joshua mcdonough rated. In 2005, taliban fighters cornered a fourman navyseal team that had.

The most dangerous action during their deployment is operation rock avalanche. A hoarse, whispering insurgent had eyes on either sgt. Restrepo men of battle company of the 173d airborne. Giunta was last stationed at caserma ederle, the 173rd airborne brigade combat teams base near vicenza, italy. Rougle died october 23, 2007 serving during operation enduring freedom 25, of west jordan, utah. It was learned that rougle, at point, took the brunt of the attack, allowing his soldiers to secure a position and fight. Rougle, killed as the platoon tried to capture a ridge, is perhaps the most disturbing.

There is something uncomfortable disrespectful maybe about deconstructing a film that shows an american soldier dying in a war that is, for some of us, morally. This excerpt, about medal of honor recipient salvatore giunta, is from the book war by sebastian junger. At stunningly close range, they had shot and killed sgt. It was a textbook demonstration of exactly how not to fight an. Larry rougle, who was killed when afghanistan wariraq. And for restrepo, a film that is beautiful, harrowing, heartbreaking and necessary. Salvatore giunta at a book signing at a post exchange in vicenza, italy in. She will continue to show restrepo, and especially this scene of the ambush in which rougle is killed, when she teaches the iliad, so that her students can also better interpret the emotional reactions of both homeric heroes and todays soldiers, and perhaps gain a truer perspective on the experiences of soldiers in combat. Taliban had ambushed battle company in the forests and spurs of the abas ghar ridge, they had shot and killed larry rougle and wounded sgt.

His actions occurred in afghanistans korengal valley during the deployment chronicled in the movie restrepo. North goes that way toward sergeant rougle, south is this way towards me and the first sergeant. In the documentary restrepo, sfc kevin rice then ssg rice told the film makers, he was one of the best, if not the best, staff sgt. Gabel delivered a moving eulogy for his comrade, larry rougle. When captain kearney told me up by the lz that staff sergeant rougle was killed, it was gut wrenching. In one moment in afghanistan, heroism and heartbreak the new. Sergeant cunard breaks down after finding his best friend sergeant rougle dead after us positions on the abas ghar ridge are overrun by islamic militants. Remembering ssg larry rougle kia 23 october 2007 in. Michael gabel, 30, was killed last week in a roadside blast in afghanistan. Restrepo combat in the korangal valley of afghanistan.

Larry rougle, 25, is shot to death on a hill when militants overrun american troops. Early on, the movie offers an alltoobrief glimpse of this. Restrepo is a featurelength documentary that chronicles the deployment of a platoon of u. In a story npr aired last month, gabel spoke eloquently about the loss of his best friend in the line of. Junger would later go on to write the book war, an account which expanded upon his.

Two days earlier, the taliban had ambushed battle company in the forests and spurs of the abas ghar ridge. Sgt joshua brennan, pfc juan restrepo, pfc timothy vimoto, ssg larry rougle, sfc matthew blaskowski, spc hugo mendoza and hm3 mark cannon. War documentary restrepo is an unflinching film about. Kevin rice told hetherington and junger in the film. On november 16, 2010, staff sergeant sal giunta of the 173rd airborne will become the first living medal of honor recipient since the vietnam war. On 23 october, taliban fighters killed staff sergeant larry rougle and. Restrepo combat in the korangal valley of afghanistan tribute ssg larry rougle duration. Operation rock avalanche was a sixday, usled offensive from 1925 october 2007, with the purpose of hunting taliban fighters in the korengal valley of afghanistan. Rougles parents, ismael and nancy, embrace as rougles exwife, jackie, holds her daughter carmin. Rougle, who served two tours in iraq and three in afghanistan, was ambushed by a large number of taliban. The mission also aimed to establish a peace with the local populace so that a road could be safely.

For decades, author sebastian junger has been covering wars all over the world, but he never imagined that his book, war, and movie. When their 15 months deployment is ended, the surviving young soldiers have irreparable, psychic problems. I think thats what was tough for a lot of people, was kind of knowing in the back of your mind well. I was crying so hard as i was running back, addario said. Restrepo is tim hetherington and sebastian jungers directorial debut. In one scene of sebastian jungers bestselling book war, thenpvt.

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